by | Oct 24, 2023 | Government

Josh Guillory and Monique Blanco Boulet will compete in a runoff election on November 18, 2023, to determine who will serve next term as Lafayette Mayor-President.   Guillory, a Republican and the present office holder, garnered 40% of the October 14, 2023, primary vote.   Boulet, also a Republican and the daughter of former Governor Kathleen Blanco, came in second in a three-candidate field with 34%.  Jan Swift finished third and has at this time declined to endorse either. 

Both campaigns have highlighted their candidate’s pro-life and religious affiliations.  Boulet’s website lists “Monique’s Values” to include “Pro-Life” and “Devout Catholic”.   For his part, Guillory’s social media includes photo ops at pro-life and church events as well as touting his administration’s record against the “woke agenda.” 

On October 23, 2023, Covenant Spotlight submitted to both candidates the same 12 issue questions, reproduced below, from Christian community leaders and its readers.  Questions ranged from social issues to law enforcement.  Both candidates have been requested to return their answers and explanations by or before November 3, 2023.  Covenant Spotlight will publish the candidate’s responses, or lack of responses, prior to the upcoming runoff.

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